Welcome to the Texas Gardening Guide!


Gardening in Texas can full be of joys and challenges. Much of our state is blessed with a good climate which allows us to grow a huge variety of plants. Just think of the beauty of the Texas bluebonnet and the majesty of the Magnolia. We can also grow lots of delicious vegetables and fruits in Texas such as okra, peaches, and even citrus trees.

This website is designed as a complete resource for the Texas gardener. We have included information on specific regions of Texas, recommended plants for Texas gardens, and a guide to solving common problems that gardeners face in our great state.

Additionally, we’ve tried to orient the site to more natural forms of gardening. This includes using compost, growing native plants, xeriscaping, and implementing organic gardening products and techniques.

Keep reading for more information on gardening in the great state of Texas! Enjoy your visit to our site!